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Welcome to the BEBA EU Project

This is the official code repository of the BEBA project.

BEBA is a European H2020 project on SDN data plane programmability. Our goal is to devise a data plane abstraction and prototype implementations for future-proof network devices capable of being repurposed with middlebox-type functions well beyond static packet forwarding, with a focus on stateful processing and packet generation.

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Try BEBA with Mininet

The following commands have been tested in a clean Mininet 2.2.1 VM on Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit). You can download a Mininet VM at this link. For help running Mininet please refer to

To install both the BEBA Software Switch and the BEBA Controller, type the following command in your shell:

bash -c "$(wget -O -"

Example applications

This section is still work in progress...


Please submit your bug reports, fixes and suggestions as pull requests on GitHub, or by contacting us directly.